Victor Matos

Product Designer

+49 1575 827 8283

9+ years creating great experiences for businesses in different industries across the world

…while helping peers do the same.

I am passionate about how much design allows me to be part of different surroundings, businesses and learn from people’s perspectives. My background is in graphic design, digital products, consumer behaviour, and marketing.
In 2020, it also became part of my mission to mentor new designers, as well as people looking to take the next step in their UX careers.
Besides, I am very interested in sustainability, innovation, finance, photography, and video making.


mais que visual

teaching UX with focus on sustainability


merging two application tracking systems


allowing managers to streamline their hiring processes


making sure FPSO operators had the right safety information on time


helping customers return orders more easily while leveraging data internally


increasing profit by understanding users’ learning curve and minimising churn rates

My Experience

2024 – Now

🇩🇪 Ironhack
Tech boot camp with over
15.000 graduated students

UI/UX Lead Teacher

Teaching students on-site, was also a great opportunity to review the UX process as a whole, find out what is new and gain leadership experience.

2020 – Now

🇧🇷 mais que visual
Personal UX education project

Founder and Mentor

Creation of rich content, mentoring tens of international mentees in hundreds of sessions.
Hosting a UX course centred on sustainability (the first of its kind in Brazil).

2021 – 2024

🇩🇪 COMATCH / 🇫🇷 Malt
Consultant/freelancer marketplaces

Lead Product Designer

Direct impact in the merge of two products, the Application Tracking System (ATS) became one of the main verticals and was recognised internally as a success. Also, first experience leading a product design team.

Senior Product Designer

The new feature (Flexpool) impacted users and the business directly, making it far more attractive and leading to its acquisition in the following year.

2020 – 2021

Oil&gas builder/operator with
a focus on Industry 4.0

Senior Product Designer

Product differed by being firstly anchored on safety for users and the environment, both internal (FPSO vessels) and external (pollution)
Later recognised as part of the Global Lighthouse Network by the World Economic Forum for its representativity in the
development of the 4.0 Industry

2020 – 2020

Brazil’s biggest credit union

Senior Product Designer

Implementation of the solution (Coopera) in just 6 months.

2020 – 2020

Fashion retail eCommerce
with omnichannel technology

Product Designer

Giant challenge with omnichannel and also re-platforming.
The self-service return implementation improved user experience and increased usage and quality of data internally.

2019 – 2020

Photography marketplace

Product Manager

Product Discovery, definition and prioritisation of new strategies, as well as keeping track of OKRs, goals and other team milestones.

Product Designer

New product vertical (Revenue) increased revenue by over 30% in 6 months.
Recognised as Brazil’s 100 start-ups to watch.

2017 – 2020

🇬🇧 DesignerNow!
Digital design agency

Product Designer

Great space to gain learning on how different markets across the globe consume

2017 – 2017

🇬🇷 OSeven Telematics
White-label insurtech

Product Designer

Close impact on both product and communication

2016 – 2016

🇧🇷 Simple Organic
Vegan beauty eCommerce

UX/UI Designer

Building eCommerce strategy, visual and informational levels from scratch