mais que visual: teaching UX with focus on sustainability

I started this project back in 2021 with a friend who also worked with UX Design. As we grew in our careers, we realised some points about the market:

→ There was a gap between the moment people studied UX and the moment when they got jobs;

→ There was a misunderstanding on both sides (UXers and companies) about the role of a UX person, many times thought of as someone who would not participate in anything besides creating visuals for screens.

That’s when mais que visual (in English, more than visual) idea came to my mind, I aimed to educate people about their responsibilities as UXers, and at the same time establish an online presence as someone who speaks about this subject.

The page is active to this date, and there have been many different internal projects, such as:

Creative Glossary: a space for specialists to explain terms that as commonly used in the industry, but in an easy way, especially for people joining the career.

Thursday’s Experience: this is a section that plays with the Portuguese term “de Quinta”, which means something is really bad. The idea was to bring some humour around bad experiences, raise discussion and allow people to vote on what was worse, or how to improve something.

UXer Journey: This is a collection of 6 e-books made by mapping what is the Journey that people go through when entering and also while evolving their careers in UX, they are:

  1. Is UX for me? Getting to know more the area and the market
  2. I want to learn UX, how do I begin?
  3. I’ve learned UX, how can I prove what I already know?
  4. I know UX, how can I start working?
  5. I got my first job in UX, what now?
  6. How can I grow in my UX career?

Mentoring: as well as all the content created, at mais que visual I was also able to offer 1:1 mentorship sessions, helping people with career changes, portfolio, documentation, job interviews and getting a promotion. Many of these sessions were for free, which was a way for me to give back to the community, specifically for people who couldn’t afford it.

Course: In 2023, I launched a UX course called experiência de impact (Impact Experience, in English), with an extra layer of sustainability on top of the base UX process, the idea was to heat the discussion around this theme, mainly because forecasts expect it to grow in the next years. To deliver this course, I had to put up lots of different sources I had to put up much of the knowledge I’ve learned in my career, like consumer behaviour, anthropology. sociology and environmental design.

mais que visual is an ongoing project, and it has so much news coming. The content is all in Portuguese and focused on Brazil, and you can find more information about it here.